Some Notes About the Wissota 100 Heading into Tonight’s Finale

Justin Vogel won the street stock race of champions and also won Friday’s qualifying feature and will start in the front row of Saturday’s A Main. Greg Oevermann photo

I made it for the features for night three of the Wissota 100 on Friday at I-94 Speedway. It was a busy night at the track — 28 heat races, six qualifying features and three Race of Champions events. Whew.

By my count, using the myracepass app, 365 cars have competed this week which is excellent for a track hosting the Wissota 100 for the first time. My estimates were for over 400; I was a little off on the midwest modifieds and lates but fairly close in the other divisions. Mosquito Speedway in Canada is running a $10,000 to win B-mod special this weekend where 10-12 cars who I thought could run the 100 are competing. The late model numbers were impacted by the Legendary 100 at Cedar Lake (even though the track only had 20 cars) and the fact that a few prominent South Dakota drivers were not in attendance this week (read into that what you want). Still, 43 lates competed which is a pretty good field.

You can read the results at so I won’t go into play-by-play of the features but here are some notes and observations about the 100:
—Some prominent modified drivers looking to race into the A main include Scot Danzeisen, Blake Jegtvig, Cody Skytland, Zach Johnson, Casey Arneson, Ricky Weiss and Race of Champions winner Andy Davey.

—The midwest modified race should be a dandy. Skeeter and Mack Estey will both start out front along with Shane Halopka. A lot of good cars already in this field but I stand behind my pick of Cody the Cobra Lee for the win. Among the drivers looking to qualify in the midwest modifieds include Sam Zender, Travis Saurer, Corey Jones, Brandon Mehrwerth and Brock Gronwold.

–comeback of the night goes to Brian Bernotas of Colfax in the super stocks. Bernotas was put to the back of the qualifying feature after a caution (which I thought was a questionable call), but stormed back through the field on the high side to finish eighth — in the last qualifying spot for Saturday’s A main.

—Some good street stock cars will aim to qualify tonight in the last chance qualifier: Maria Broksieck, Scott Witkowski, likely Wissota Street Stock rookie of the year Kasey Ussatis, Cory Dykhoff and Adam Burrows, among others.

—The front row for the modifieds is Dave Cain, Kelly Estey and Shane Sabraski. Think about the amount of feature wins track championships and big money wins that trio has combined for. Cain and Sabraski are both past winners of the Wissota 100; Estey, in his illustrious career, has never won the 100.

—There were a few drivers who raced IMCA mods regularly in this region that I kept an eye on this week. Tyler Peterson of Hickson, the Red River Valley track champion, qualified on the first night in his 1TPO machine. Dylan Goplen of West Fargo qualified on night two while Mike Greseth of Harwood, who has done more Wissota racing at the end of the year, qualified on Friday. Casey Arneson starts fourth (according to myracepass) in the LCQ tonight.

—A driver who has been on a roll in his new SSR chassis is Brett Hoium of Villard. He won both modified features at Viking Speedway over the Labor Day weekend, and has continued to be fast this week as he starts fourth in the feature tonight. Keep an eye on the 5H.

—Dustin Strand of Grand Forks qualified for both the late models and modifieds. He made his first appearance at the 100 on Friday and made it count.

—The Mod 4 qualifying feature was a total mess with some drivers getting a little too aggressive (or simply driving over their heads). Two red flags and caution after caution. In fact, by my count, only 10 of the 28 starters finished. There was a red flag for a rollover by Josh Seely-Sautbine of Walker (he was not injured), and another for a hard hit into the wall by Abby Garin of Andover. Matt Halls of Big Lake survived to take the feature win, meaning he will start on the pole tonight.

—The one thing about the Wissota 100 is you can have a bad first two nights but still have a good night on Friday and make the show. That holds true for street stock driver Justin Vogel, who wrecked in his heat on Wednesday. He won the qualifier on Friday and will start on the front row tonight. Another example is Kelly Estey of Kelly Lake, Minn.; he didn’t fare well the first two nights but won the modified qualifier on Friday and will start on the front row.

—By my calculations, one driver has qualified for the A main in four classes — Tim Johnson of Brainerd. He has qualified in the mod 4, street stock, midwest modified and super stock divisions. Drivers qualifying for the A main in two classes (so far) include Dustin Strand (late models and mods)and Dan Ebert (late model and mod). Travis Saurer has a chance to do so in the mods and midwest mods, as does Rick Jacobson.

—Race of Champions winners this week included Dustin Holtquist (mod 4), Ricky Weiss (late models), Andy Davey (modifieds), Justin Vogel (street stocks), Skeeter Estey (midwest modified) and Dave Mass (super stocks). Davey and Mass are repeat winners.

Family Ties
People always talk about family ties and racing. I compiled a list — and if I miss anyone please message me and I will add them — of father/child combinations competing this weekend and of siblings competing this weekend.

Kevin and Erik Robertson (late models)
Bob and Johnny Broking (modified)
Ron Saurer (midwest modified) and Travis Saurer (modified), Trevor Saurer (super stock)
Corky Thomas (modified) and Joseph Thomas (midwest modified)
Larry Lund (super stock) and William Lund (midwest modified)
Jason Blascyk (modified) and Brendan Blascyk (midwest modified)
Billie Christ (modified) and Jaden Christ (street stock)
Bryan Hellerman (super stock) and Brooke Hellerman (midwest modified)
Greg and Casey Meyer (late model)
Greg Platzer (late model) and Eric Platzer (midwest modified)
Doug and Trevor Walsh (late models)
Kelly Estey (modified), Mack and Skeeter Estey (midwest modified)
Robert and Dustin Holtquist (Mod 4)
Jeff and Ryan Flaten (super stock)
Chad and Devin Fouquette (super stock)
Ryan Kostreba (super stock) and Russell Kostreba (street stocks)
Steve and Stephen Schicketanz (mod 4)

Cody and Haley Lee (midwest modified)
Brady Gerdes (modified) and McKenzie Gerdes (midwest modified)
Kyle Dykhoff and Cory Dykhoff (street stocks)
Cory Tammen (late model and super stock) and Justin Tammen (street stock)
Jordan Tollakson (late model) and Jon Tollakson (super stock)
Jason and Josh Thoennes (modified)
Tommy Richards (super stock) and Danny Richards (street stock)

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