Badlands Speedway in Limbo Again, Plus a Few Notes from Area

Husets-Speedway-768x333The Badlands Motor Speedway, formerly known as Huset’s Speedway near Brandon, S.D. (outside of Sioux Falls), is back on the market for sale, according to the track’s website. A recent agreement to sell the track to the previous owner has apparently fell through.

Asking price is back to $9.45 million. Just write out a check, right? Oh, there is another option — you can lease the track for $75,000 a month. Pocket change…lol.

Former owner Steve Rubin had negotiated a 60-day window to raise $6 million to buy the storied sprint car facility, according to various Sioux Falls area media reports in late December. That deadline passed with no apparent action, and owner Chuck Brennan put the track back on the market.

The asking price of $9.45 million is outrageous. Rubin’s agreement was to work with investors to raise $6 million and that didn’t pan out. In fact, when the track was up for auction last summer with an opening asking bid of $3.15 million — not one bid was submitted. Memo to Chuck — you won’t get $9.45 million for the speedway facility. You might not even get half that. D

This is just my logic here, but if no one was bidding on it for $3 million or even $6 million, no one will pay $9.45 million. What a clown show this process has turned into in what is a great facility just sitting idle.

Brennan reminds me of Donald Trump and not in a good way. There is no real rhyme or reason to some of his decisions or behavior and many are driven far too much by the almighty dollar. Brennan is a controversial figure in South Dakota, having made much of his fortune through pay-day loans. He obviously knows nothing about racing or how to run a track.

There have been past threats by Brennan to tear down the entire facility (he set a Dec. 31 deadline for a deal or the facility would be torn down) which have come and gone.  In fact, there is heavy equipment at the facility apparently waiting to tear it down.

Another challenge of buying the facility is the potential for flooding — the picture below also indicates flooding has been a problem in the past as the track is in a low-lying area near a river/creek to the south. With the winter we’ve had that seems inevitable.


So once again, the track’s future is in serious jeopardy. We’ve been here before, and you wonder at what point it will be too late.

I think it’s sad, especially with this track’s history in sprint car racing.

Racing Notes
—There is good news on the Wissota Late Model front locally as Billy Vogel of West Fargo, who has run a modified the past four years, has moved into the late model division. I checked with Vogel via Facebook and he plans to run the NLRA schedule and some of the higher paying shows around the area. He doesn’t plan to have a regular weekly track at this point.

—Larry Samuelson of Erhard, Minn., who has been in the Wissota Midwest Modified division for several years at I-94 Speedway, has moved into the Limited Late Model class for 2019.

—I will do some updates on local track schedules as they are finalized. I also plan to do some write-ups on the Wissota Late Model Challenge Series, NLRA schedule, the NOSA Schedule and Advantage RV Tour as well, most likely in March. Stay tuned.

–I-94 Speedway announced on its website that Corey Eggen has stepped away as the track’s manager. The track commended Eggen for his several years of service to the track and I concur — he has been a great help for me providing pit access for RaceChaser interviews.

—Another track to the south, Redwood Speedway in Redwood Falls, Minn., also is without a promoter for 2019 at this point. Redwood is another long-time track (one I grew up going to in the 1980s) that has been a popular fan venue for decades. Let’s hope some kind of agreement comes forth so that racing will happen at the half-mile track in 2019.

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